Code Section Projection Length CTC Finish
BAC-150/A 8x8 30 30x30 SSS
BAC-150/B 8x8 30 40 32 SSS
BAC-150/C 8x8 30 104 96 SSS
BAC-150/D 10x10 30 138 128 SSS
BAC-150/E 10x10 30 170 160 SSS
BAC-150/F 10x10 30 230 220 SSS
BAC-150/G 12x12 30 300 288 SSS
BAC-150/H 12x12 30 340 328 SSS
BAC-150/I 12x12 30 364 352 SSS
BAC-150/J 12x12 30 440 428 SSS
BAC-150/K 12x12 30 540 528 SSS

Cabinet Handle

Cabinet Handles are manufactured using premium grade Stainless Steel to provide an unsurpassed finish. In keeping with modern design trends, the handles are minimalist in design and are available in round and square line designs as well as a subtle combination of the two so as to ensure we can provide a joinery solution for your specific project.

The cabinet handles are suitable for joinery and cupboards doors and are available in Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, Powdercoat and Electroplated finishes.

As with all Barben Architectural Hardware products, custom design and manufacture is also available upon request.

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